Aladdin Gulec

Since 1980, I have developed my unique style in photography and photographing people has been my prime subject. Having started photography using film, processing, and printing in a darkroom I've learned how to get it right the first time. Then I had to learn about people; finding out their personalities, emotions  and capture their mood. Putting all these together I have become a professional full-time photographer. In the early days, I photographed bands, fashion and commissioned portraits for magazines.

In 1985, my sister-in-law asked me to photograph her wedding. I was nervous but confident. Since I developed my own style and technique learning from other master photographers. Finally, after a few years, I could call myself a professional wedding photographer. Those days there weren’t many professional wedding photographers. Today, it is the same. Trust me; in the masses of so called ‘wedding photographers’, there are only a few professionals.

Over the years I had the pleasure of photographing weddings nationally and internationally. I will travel anywhere in the world for the right couple who thoughtfully invest in their wedding photography. A beautifully designed album  will tell the story of the day that you will cherish for the rest of your life. WARNING : I am not one of those cheap wedding photographers.